Through thick and thin, hard struggle — close to zhang jianhua

Labor model file: zhang jianhua was born in 1973. He was the winner of the national May Day labor medal in 2008 and the sales manager of the HWH MACHINERY CO.,LTD"I've worked at the red fifth ring for 22 years, from 1997 to now, watching it grow from a toddler to the big boy it is now, just like my other son." Speaking of the red ring, zhang jianhua's words are full of feelings. He said that when the company was founded, there were only three people and the conditions were very difficult.


The passion of youth in the early stage of entrepreneurship is unforgettable


Zhang jianhua introduces, the off-season of the product at that time is particularly apparent, generally speaking arrive after the Spring Festival every year the end of may in early June is the first wave of busy season, the off-season that can have two or three months after, just enter the busy season of the second half of the year next. In order to seize the market, must seize the first time delivery. "If you ship late, a competitor's product gets to the dealer first, and the market is saturated, your product may not sell." Peak season, is usually 7 o 'clock in the morning to go to work, to the next day at 12 o 'clock in the evening to go home, so the intensity of the work in the peak season in these four or five months, almost a dozen times.


During his work in the road, zhang jianhua was awarded the company's outstanding employee, municipal outstanding employee, provincial outstanding employee and provincial May Day labor medal. In 2008, he won the national May Day labor medal. In the same year, he joined the sales team of the HWH MACHINERY CO.,LTD, and with his own efforts, he eventually became the sales manager of yunnan.

"The first ten years, I was in the company 'main', have been to every corner of the company. The national May Day labor medal is a recognition of my ten years of work. Ten years later, I was working outside the company and saw more possibilities for myself. Zhang jianhua said that although the company's abundant products and good management and control ability no longer need the high-intensity continuous work, he still remembered the passion of that year and was ready to "fight and fight" again when needed. "I think I can fight for another few years."


From May 8, 1997 to May 8, 2019

Zhang jianhua has been in the red fifth ring since the first day

For 22 years

Review his work history

Hard sweat makes May Day labor medal shining

Post time: Dec-01-2022

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